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The importance, popularity and awareness of big data and related tools is growing rapidly. Decision-makers in every industry are coming to realize that this technology can provide immense benefits to their organizations, allowing firms to become more efficient, productive and adaptable. With big data analytics, firms can gain insight from previously unusable unstructured data sets, learning more about their own operations and their customers' behavior, leading to optimized strategic decision-making.

Among the most valuable big data-related tools available to businesses is Hadoop. The Hadoop open-source framework is ideal for developing a data management system. Because it is open-source, Hadoop can be tailored to suit companies' varying data needs.

The growing influence of both big data and Hadoop is apparent in many ways, from the increasing number of companies offering services related to these areas to the sheer size of the big data market. However, perhaps nothing makes this trend more apparent than an analysis of the coverage these areas have received in the news

PassionBytes' architecture and services are agnostic to industry. Since every industry is keen in increasing the revenue, our analytic solutions would pave a strong foundation to bringing value through massively parallel computing using famous algorithms.Please contact us for a free consultancy service in which we will study your system and provide a holistic solution to target customers more closely for increased ROI. We also provide necessary training services to bring up your employees getting familiar with the use and extensions of our platform.

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